I used to wonder why some people had so many sewing machines. Isn’t having one enough? How are you going to use more than one at a time? Boy was I naive πŸ˜‚. Enter me… several years later… now accumulating 4 embroidery machines, a sewing machine, and a serger πŸ€ͺ. Don’t judge me, I already know I have a problem… πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.

Brother PE770 (PE800)

The first embroidery machine that I purchased was a Brother PE770. Since then, they have come out with a newer model, the PE800. This is a great machine to start with and I have been using it for going on 8 years soon. I always recommend this machine for newbies, however, since the pandemic, they have been very hard to find. If you do find one, I don’t recommend you pay over $800 for it. It has a 5×7 embroidery hoop size and is possible to use a 5×12 multi positionable hoop with it as well.

Check out my PE800 unboxing and setup video here.


Brother Persona PRS100

My second embroidery machine took me years to finally purchase, but I am so happy I did. It was a HUGE upgrade from my PE770. I decided to get the Brother Persona PRS100 (I named her Pearl 😁). This is a great middle of the road option for those who want to upgrade, but are not ready for a multi needle machine. The Persona is built with a free arm like a multi needle, but only has one needle. It has a larger embroidery field (8×8) which is perfect for bigger children’s shirts, which is exactly what I wanted. It also has the ability to do structured hats, which is really cool!

I love my machine so much that I have a special offer for you if you purchase your Persona through me! I am an affiliate for Sewing Machines Plus and if you purchase your machine through my link, I will offer you free virtual training and access to my EXCLUSIVE Persona Owners Facebook Group. Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

Check out my Persona unboxing and setup video here.

Ricoma EM-1010

My third embroidery machine is the mack daddy of them all. It is a 10 needle Ricoma EM-1010 (I named her RoxyπŸ˜„). I was beyond excited when Ricoma contacted me and asked me if I would be interested trying out one of their machines. Since then, I have loved using my EM-1010 and am now an Ambassador for Ricoma 😍.

Having a multi needle machine is amazing and I totally understand all hype around having one. The 8×12 hoop makes sooooo many more things possible for me to do! Adult sized clothing, jacket backs, and large in the hoop projects are possible on this machine. I also love that I can do a multi colored design, set the machine up, then walk away and work on something else.

If you are looking to start a small home embroidery business, this is definitely the way to go! You can be so much more productive on a multi needle and produce more in less time.

Ricoma offers 0% financing with a payment as low as $130 per month on this machine. To get more info along with $100 off your purchase, please use my Referral Link, fill out the form, and someone from Ricoma will call you to help answer any questions you have. Please let me know if you do purchase a machine after using my link, because I offer FREE additional training along with access to my exclusive Ricoma Owners Facebook Group.

Check out my Ricoma EM-1010 unboxing and setup video here.

Brother NQ3600D

Brother released the NQ3600D for sale online in March 2021. Previously it had to be purchased from an authorized dealer. I was super excited when Sewing Machines Plus contacted me and asked if I can demonstrate this machine on their Live Show. The NQ3600D is a combo Sewing and Embroidery machine that has 291 stitch types with 13 sewing feet. It also has a 6×10 embroidery hoop and is a Disney machine, which means it comes preloaded with 35 Official Disney designs. One of my other favorite features is that it cuts jump stitches. This machine is a great option for those that was to upgrade from a 4×4 or 5×7 hoop machine to something a little nicer and bigger. I have enjoyed my time with it so far and plan to make more videos using it in the future 😁.