Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I know I am ready for the weekend!  In my last post, I shared how I organized my freezer.  Once I was done, I quickly realized that even though I remember what is in my freezer now, in a few weeks I will probably forget again.  So to solve that problem I made a freezer inventory printable that I wanted to share with you… for FREE :).

Organized Freezer

Freezer organization using plastic storage containers and organizing food into groups

I am loving my newly organized freezer.  I know right where everything is and can easily access items on the back of each shelf using my DIY pull out “drawers”.

Freezer Inventory Printable

I have a terrible memory.  I always tell myself I will remember when I did/cooked things, but in the end, I always forget.  My solution to this is to label EVERYTHING.  I put labels on leftover food, I label items like salsa, hot dogs, pasta sauce, and chicken broth with dates that I opened them so that they don’t sit in my fridge for a year long time.  It only makes sense that I also do this in the freezer.   I label vacuum sealed meats with their name and date.  I also label any cooked leftovers before storing them away in the freezer.

Now that I have gone through and cleaned out my freezer, I want to be better at using what I already have when meal planning.  Since I just touched everything in my freezer I can remember what I have.  But I know in just a short time, I will forget it all.  Although it is easy to see nearly everything I have in each category by just pulling out a bin,  I wanted to create a freezer inventory printable so that I don’t need to do that each time.  I also have another freezer in my garage (that currently needs love organization love).  It will be nice to see everything I have in both freezers in one glance.

Freezer Inventory Printable- FreeDivide by Catagories

I divided the categories into beef, poultry, pork, seafood, produce, meals, and a section for miscellaneous items that I want to remember I have.  I plan to write down the items in my freezer along with the date that I froze them.  That way I use older items first when I pull them out to defrost and cook.  I also tend to keep several pounds of ground meat and chicken breast in my freezer.  For these, I will just keep a count next to each one and erase it when it changes.

I hope this free freezer inventory printable will be helpful with your freezer organization.  To access this free freezer inventory printable sign up for my newsletter mailing list below!  You can also download the meal planning printable that matches :).

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