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Tackling your Home Project List (w/ Free Printable)

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with everything you would like to do in your home? I go from walking in my living room thinking about what I should hang on the wall.  Next, I walk in my foyer and want to change the doorknob and light fixture. Walking in my bathroom and closet, I think how I need to clean out my old clothes and beauty products.  Today I’m getting better focused by creating and using a home project list.

Tackling your Home Project List- Living Room with Fireplace

Exhibit A: I need something on the wall behind my love seat.  I’m thinking a wood and metal shelf and a lamp or fake tree…but I’m not sure yet.

Tackling your Home Project List- Foyer

Exhibit B: Light fixture needs to go and I can’t wait to change the gold doorknobs in my house!  Also please ignore my dying plant lol, I have a black thumb, hence wanting a fake tree haha

Exhibit C: There is no way I am showing you my bathroom or closet right now :P.  But hopefully, I will get it presentable soon.

My mind constantly jumps from thing to thing that I want to do that I end up getting overwhelmed and get nothing done. I know what you’re thinking, sounds like ADD (haha j/k, my husband has ADHD and he tells me I’m not even close 🙂 ).  The problem is that I am a normal, full-time working mom and wife. I’m busy all the time and fixing up my house always ends up at the bottom of my list.  Also, there is always the budget factor…

Well, the time has come to act.  I am ready to sit down and make a plan to get our house together using a home project list.  If I can focus on just one room at a time, maybe I would not feel so overwhelmed. And if I could start with a very easy project in that one room and get it done quickly with little to no money, that would motivate me to push on and tackle the next thing in that room.

So I made myself a cute home project list printable to help me get my act together. I have a page for each room in my house and I went into each room and made a list of things I would like to do, change, or fix.  These pages are in my planner so that I can keep track of what I am getting done and also to add new ideas as I think of them.  There is also a place for a budget and shopping list so that I don’t go too overboard.

Home Project List for Kitchen

Our Home Projects-Kitchen

Click the link above for your free printable.

Tackling your Home Project List- Planner

Once my lists were made, I looked over each room’s home project list and decided that I should start not only with the shortest list but also the list that had the least to buy for. This momma is on a budget! 🙂 Then I picked out the easiest project on that list and got started.

First Home Project List: Kitchen

My smallest list turned out to be my kitchen. One of the things on my list was to clean out and organize my refrigerator. This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while but just have never made the time for it. This was also a very budget-friendly project in that I could shop my house for containers. Plastic food containers work really well when used without the lid for fridge organization. You can also purchase some cheap and cute containers from Target and Walmart. The Dollar Tree is usually a good source for bins and baskets but for some reason I didn’t have much luck the last couple of times I went there. 🙁

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- before

Clean out Refrigerator

First I started out by getting our ice chests out of the garage and storing all of my current cold foods in them while I cleaned the entire inside of the fridge including walls, shelves, drawers, and the door.  Then I closed the fridge back up so that I wouldn’t burn too much energy.  Next, I looked at all of the food in my ice chest and started on dividing them up into categories.  I knew that I mainly wanted to have a lunch and snacks section but also noticed I have a lot of condiments, cheese, and yogurts.

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- Cleaned Out

Organize Food into Groups

As I make lunch for myself and my oldest daughter every day, having a bin that contains all of our lunch making supplies will definitely make that process a little easier.  The snacks bin is also for lunches and is great for when we need to grab something quick after school/ work when we are all hangry.

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization. Use containers and baskets to group like foods together.

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- Snacks Drawer

Previously, I kept all of my hot sauces on the bottom of the door shelf.  This is NOT a good idea when you have a one-year-old running around and snatching one everytime you open the refrigerator door!  So I contained all of my hot sauces, pickles, and other glass containers on the top shelf in these cute baskets that I picked up from Target on sale.  I replaced my bottom shelf with play plastic food so now I don’t have to freak out every single time I open the refrigerator LOL.

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- Add Play Food for Toddlers

Make it Pretty

Next, I added shelf liner to the bottom of my door shelves and drawers to add a little pop of color and to help keep items from sliding around.  I also used my Silhouette Cameo to make vinyl labels for my lunch bins and snacks and veggies drawers.

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- Shelf Liner

Overall this was a great, fairly quick and easy project to jumpstart me to tackle my home project list.  Even though this was not a big home décor project or room makeover, it still makes me feel good every time I open the fridge.  Next up…the freezer.

And because everyone loves a good before and after picture…

Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- Before Tackling your Home Project List- Refrigerator Organization- After

If you would like a free copy of my home project list including a page for your Kitchen, Dining Room, Office, Playroom, Bedroom, Bathroom, and a blank one for any other room in your house, sign up to receive it along with blog updates in the box below.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments below what kind of projects are on your list.  Am I the only one that gets so giddy when I get to check something off of my list or what?!?

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