Earlier this year, I started a Facebook group to try and interact with ya’ll more and be available to answer questions. As the Facebook group grew, I started doing Facebook lives for little projects that we did together as a group. I loved the interaction and so did everyone in the group 🙂 It eventually got the name Sip & Stitch and now happens every Friday night on YouTube Live. Moving it to YouTube made it easier for everyone to watch and is easy to find later if you weren’t able to tune in durning the live. Since applique is one of my favorite types of embroidery, I choose an appliqué preschool shirt for our first YouTube Sip & Stitch project.

Sip n Stitch YouTube Live

My first Sip & Stitch live on YouTube was a bit of a hot mess, but we got the project done. Lessons learned, always ask Elise what she wants before the camera starts to roll to avoid any crying sessions, LOL, and get a better tripod!

Applique Preschool Shirt Supply List:

For future Sip & Stitch projects, check the homepage for more info on schedule and supply lists.

Make sure you are logged in and subscribed to my YouTube Channel to be able to chat we me. I try to have a new project every Friday night at 7pm central time zone.

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Thank you so much for watching my applique preschool shirt tutorial and I hope to chat with you for my next Sip & Stitch 🙂

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