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Sip & Stitch no. 66- How to Embroider with Chenille Yarn

One of the latest trends in embroidery is adding fluffy chenille yarn to sweatshirts. This looked so cool to me so of course I had to try it! The videos I have seen involved people putting their fingers wayyyyy to close to the needle so I thought there has to be a better way. So I have been playing with it and I think I have a good solution. I tested this project out on 3 different machines. My Brother Persona was the easiest to work on. The presser foot allows you to have the fluffy yarn with no problem. I also tried it on my Baby Lock Altair, which allows me to raise the height of the presser foot. So I was able to do this kind of project on my flatbed single needle machine. The last one I tried was my Brother PE800. This machine does not have an option of adjusting the presser foot height. This made it a little bit more challenging, however I was still able to get it done!

In this tutorial, I will go over tips and tricks to help you to embroider with chenille yarn. As I mentioned above, this project can be done on any machine, but I will be using my Brother Persona. As a bonus I have a FREE Heart design download for you to try this technique! I will also go over how to use some bean stitch designs and fonts you already have, and make them chenille yarn friendly.

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