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Fabric Organization and Blank Clothing Storage

I have to make a confession…I have a craft problem.  Specifically a craft supply problem.  Like I go to Hobby Lobby to buy one particular thing for a project and walk out with 10 other items that I “might” need later.  This problem has only increased since I started doing machine embroidery.  Now I have my eyes on a new beautiful supply…fabric.  The possibilities are endless with applique fabric combinations.  One design can look so different depending on what fabrics you fill the applique with.  Now that I have a fairly large stash of different fabrics, I thought I would share how used my DIY craft table for fabric organization.

Funny Craft meme  Funny Craft meme

Craft meme  Funny Craft meme

DIY Craft Table

In my last post, I shared how I put together a craft table to create a workspace for embroidery and crafts.  Part of the table includes a 9 cubby shelf that I use for fabric organization and blank clothing storage.

DIY Craft Table and Fabric Organization

Most of the time, I only use a small piece of fabric when adding an applique to clothing.  Because of this, 1/4 of a yard is more than enough for multiple projects.  The average price of most of my fabric is between $1-$3 for 1/4 yard.  This does not help my craft supply problem when an adorable piece of fabric, that I may or may not need, is only a DOLLAR!  BTW I’m doing my best Liza Koshy impression in my head right now.  If you haven’t seen her Dollar Store video yet, go watch it now,  I’ll wait…

Now every time you see something at the store for $1 you will say “a dolla” four times in a row LOL.

Speaking of the dollar store, that is where I got the 4 colorful baskets that hold my fabric :).

Fabric storage and organization

Fabric Organization

For me, the most logical way to organize my fabric is by color.  That, and I really like rainbows :).  While looking for baskets that would fit the dimensions of my cubbies, I found the pink, red, green, and blue baskets at the Dollar Tree.

Fabric organization

Like I mentioned before, I mostly buy a 1/4 yard so I am able to fold them into small pieces and line them up in the basket. This makes it easy to see the pattern of each piece.

Fabric Organization by Color

Fabric Organization by Color

My red basket fades from red to orange to yellow.  My green basket contains different shades of green including mint.  I also have some Mardi Gras fabric in the back of the green basket. #bestpartyonearth

The basket in the middle of my cubby shelf is a clear Sterilite container.  I mainly wanted it for my neutral colors but it also holds my collection of basic chevron in a rainbow of colors.

Fabric Organization and Storage

I’m just noticing that I didn’t do a very good job of making a rainbow with the chevrons, haha.

My last basket of fabric I keep in my craft cabinet since I ran out of room in my cubbies.  It holds all of my black and gold and some purple and gold for Saints and LSU projects.

Fabric organization and storage

Blank Clothing Storage

The four aqua bins in my craft cubby shelf hold all of my children’s blank clothing.  When I was receiving orders on a regular basis, it was important that I kept every size in stock so that I can finish orders in a timely manner.  Also when I order from some blanks companies online, shipping can be quite expensive.  So it made sense to stock up on items to lower overall costs.

Fabric Organization and blank clothing storage

In my baby bin, I keep onesies from newborn to 12 months.  I also have bibs, burp cloths, and bloomers.  If you attend a lot of baby showers for friends and family, an embroidered onesie, bib and burp cloth make a wonderful gift :).  In my girls and boys bins, I mainly keep white shirts from 2T to 5T.  In my fabric bin, I keep any large pieces of fabric that are over a yard along with overflow from the baby items bin.

Fabric Organization and Storage

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Fabric Organization and Storage

If you are just getting started with machine embroidery, by no means do you need this much fabric and blank clothing right away.  This is what I have collected over the past 4 years.  So, in reality, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of containing myself, cause it could be a lot worse LOL.  Since having my second baby girl a little over a year ago, I have really slowed down on how much I make for others.  But now that Elise is older and we have a good routine going, I’m hoping to start taking more orders again.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and it helps you to organize some of your craft stash 🙂  If you have any tips of your own on fabric organization, please share in the comments below!




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  1. Michelle Leslie says

    Oh how I wish my fabric stash was as neat and organised as yours Karlie. I think it’s a fabulous idea to color co-ordinate the scraps with the plastic bins. It adds such a wonderful pop of color to the cubbies and makes it so much easier to find the right piece

  2. Betty says

    I love your craft room! One question, where did you get the iron rest on your table? I’ve never seen one like it. Thanks so much for sharing all your creative ideas.

    • Karlie Belle says

      Thanks so much Betty! The iron and rest came with my Oreck vacuum that I received as a wedding gift. It looks like Oreck doesn’t sell them anymore but if you look up Oreck Cordless Speed Iron on eBay they have some used ones. Amazon also has it but it’s crazy expensive.

  3. Maryann Payne says

    Hi Karlie
    I’ve been embroidering since Brother came out with it’s first embroidery machine! I got into appliqué before my first granddaughter 10 years ago. Thanks for the helpful hints! I-am still learning things about embroidery and have just purchased a Brother Entrepreneur Pro. I’m so excited!
    I wanted to share with you one of my helpful hints. Since my sewing room has the water shut off valve in my closet I had to figure out how to get my stash of appliqué fabric out fast. I have accumulated 9 bins- one for each color now and I ordered a rolling wire rack. This is awesome because I can roll it out of the closet as needed and put it back when not in use. It allows me to make use of the vertical space I have. And I have room for my bins with ribbon, elastic and Velcro! I can send photo.

    • Karlie Belle says

      Hi Maryann! I’m so excited that you got the Entrepreneur Pro!! I hope to get a 6 or 10 needle machine one day 🙂 I love rolling carts with drawers or baskets! I currently have this rolling cart –> and I love it for storing craft supplies and I keep my Silhouette Cameo on top.

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