SMP Hoop Fest 2024- In the Hoop Bag Tag

Thank you to everyone who watched my class for Sewing Machines Plus Hoop Fest 2024! Here is all of the info and resources for everything I mentioned in my class on How to make an In the Hoop Bag Tag.

Bag Tag Supplies

Where to Buy Faux Vinyl:

Where to Buy Embroidery Fonts & Monograms:

Embroidery Software:

I use and love Embrilliance Essentials embroidery software and is a great program to use embroidery fonts and designs that you purchase online. With this program I am able to install .BX fonts and use my keyboard to type out names or initials. it is much easier than importing in each letter one at a time! Also with this program, I am able to open embroidery designs that I have purchased online and add a name or monogram to it.

I have a new course that covers everything you need to know to be able to use Embrilliance Essentials confidently. I will be opening enrollment again soon and will have the course for sale on SMP. Click here to sign up for the waitlist so that you can be notified when the course will be ready to buy.

Step by Step Tutorials:

Here is a list of some of my past tutorials showing you step by step on how to make different in the hoop projects.

Other Supplies I Recommend:

For this tutorial I am using my Brother Stelliare XJ2 sewing and embroidery combo machine. It is an amazing machine with a max embroidery area of 9.5″ x 14″ and tons of sewing features!

You can checkout all of my favorite supplies at SMP on my Recommended Products Page!

🔥 For any item or machine purchase at Sewing Machines Plus, call my friend Jean and she will help you to get the best deal. Her direct phone number is 800-401-8151 Ext: 139 or email her at [email protected] Please tell her Karlie Belle sent you 😁 Plus use my coupon code KARLIEBELLE to get 10% off of your purchase (machines excluded).

Hoop Fest is a little over 6 hrs long. If you would like to watch a replay of my class, fast forward to the 1hr 47 min time mark. The class is 30 min long.

I hope you enjoyed SMP’s Hoop Fest 2024 as much as I did!

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New Embroidery Design Organizer

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Thanks again for watching and hope to see you for my next Live Sip & Stitch!


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